ICO launched

Melissa Clarke
1 min readMar 30, 2022


Months passed and we can finally present a couple of groundbraking news. Let’s dive in!

Last time we informed you about the progress of the development. We were reaching the beta version and struggling with local and global challenges. We stayed strong. Beta version was finished and successfully launched today! We found a certain amount of volunteers for this testing phase. Our team is currently processing all the feedback from the users. We do not see any major issue. The platform release is thus back on track.

Well going development gave us confidence. Enough confidence to launch our ICO. And when? It just started! We encourage you to support our platform from the first possible moment. Since we are already backed up well from our investors, ICO is no longer a crucial event for us. We do not have a need to advertise ourself by other means than we currently use. Please do not send to us any marketing proposals. Instead we let the community to grow naturally. We offer a significant time bonus for early adopters. Risk shall be proportionally rewarded. Other kind of bonus is a referral bonus. We believe this system allows fair distribution of the tokens. ICO will finish before going public or earlier to guarantee a fair price for all contributors.

More news are coming in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

Read more about our visions, plans and progress on our websites. Reach us out on Telegram or via an email. Join us and be part of the growth!