Upcoming ICO

The last couple of months brought us a couple of challenges. We, at Pornify, had to deal with a sudden COVID outbreak. Crucial development leaders got positive. That slowed down our so far good momentum with the project. Yet we successfully passed it with only slight delay regards our roadmap. Another challenge was to settle down all secured partnerships from the private sale. This meant a lot of paper work, negotiating of conditions, etc. We believe we made the best choice regards this topic — for us, for the project and also for you — our user base.

We made a ton of work in the last months to deliver what we promised. The platform is reaching its beta version. Soon we can make it available for testing for certain amount of users. Such users will be picked from ICO contributors. We incite testing activity with certain amount of $PORN tokens. That is going to be a reward for participation in the testing phase. Details on it will be announced later.

Our token passed a security audit. This enables us to arrange ICO sale. ICO will last a couple of days. You can obtain a slight bonus for contributing early and a slight bonus for referring a friend. We are still working on broadening our user base. ICO details will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Read more about our visions, plans and progress on our websites. Reach us out on Telegram or via an email. Join us and be part of the growth!



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